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Future luxury houses defined by artificial intelligence

Like Apple smartphone has brought the era of Nokia keyboard phone to an end, artificial intelligence and space utilizing technology will trigger a revolutionary wave that changes lifestyle completely. In future, luxury house will be defined not only by its location and building material, but also by whether it is equipped with an intelligent system that provides excellent interaction, stability and reliability. People should always be placed first, with artificial intelligence acting as the communication media between people and their homes.

Smart home that can be instantly switched into office or party venue

Smartimecaps breaks the boundaries between home, office, hotel and party venue. We try our best to hide personal living items, beds, kitchen and bathroom in cabinet. With switchable functions, the utilization of any space will no longer be restricted to only 8 hours. You can use it as home or study in day time and as a venue for party, entertainment or rest at night. In addition, entrepreneurs can also transform it into an office which can accommodate a team of around 7 people.

Construction can be completed within 18 working days fastest, no need for ventilation before moving

The construction of a Smartimecaps 4S Integral Smart Home is based on BIM management system and an assignment model of "big back-end and small front-end". With tightly managed processes, the construction of a standard Integral Smart Home can be finished in 18 working days fastest. We adopt strict standards in environmental friendly design and material selection to achieve a near zero emission of benzene and formaldehyde which enables owners to move in immediately after delivery, without the need for months of ventilation.

Safety is the first priority of Smartimecaps

Smartimecaps applies strict safety standards from the selection and layout of water and electricity pipelines and cables, evaluation of fireproof performance of materials and choice of fire-fighting equipment, to the arrangement of smart door and windows for security purpose. For example, we use tempered glass for kitchen cabinets to minimize fire risk; we only use 316 stainless steel for water pipes to prevent cracking and corrosion; cables designed for higher power are used to prevent short circuit and fire accident. Meanwhile, Smartimecaps provides rest-assured 3-year property insurance free of charge for 4S Integral Smart Home owners.

The future arrives: enjoy artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes spaces simpler and more fashionable. Our integrated intelligence systems include safety and security system, lighting and curtain system, audio and video system, air conditioning system and heating appliance system, which can be fully controlled remotely through smartphone, IPAD or PC. Life will become much easier with high-tech facilities like MirrorTV, invisible stereos, smart fogging glass, food waste disposer, water purifier, dish washer, washer with drying function, PM2.5 eliminating central air-conditioner and instant water heater designed and arranged accurately like a circuit board.

Advanced big data management and control system leads to perfect quality

Quality is the foundation of innovation, therefore we use state-of-the-art back-end information systems like BIM "Displays Over Cloud" system and Revit software to integrate big data which significantly improves our service radius and the ability to provide large scale services. By on-site precision measurement matched by various parameters, we create a model to ensure the precision of assembly. In the meantime, we use cloud to monitor and verify construction and to ensure the seamless connection of design, material, construction and supervision, so we can control construction quality based on a strict procedure. Furthermore, we optimize our product constantly during market development, making quality a key element for word-of-mouth among consumers.

Comprehensive service eliminates concerns after moving in

The customized Smartimecaps 4S Integral Smart Home provides 3 year warranty for free. We also provide detailed instructions of system solutions and drawing of concealed work upon delivery. In case of any failure, consumers do not have to contact different suppliers for different appliances, they just have to call Smartimecaps 24-hour hotline for professional advice and after service, which significantly improves the convenience of post-maintenance.

Individual customer & key account cooperation

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